We BNH Gas tanks are manufacturer and exporter of LPG Bobtail trucks of various capacities ranging from 7500 Liters to 37000 Liters. All accessories like Excess safety fittings, flow valves, valves, meters, unloading pumps, unloading hose, pipelines, mudguard, Tyres, internal valves, are provided as per requirement. The tanks are provided with unloading pumps for decanting. The unit comes with all safety features as per norms.
The steel used for manufacturing the containers meet A.S.T.M. specifications, and renowned brand valves and accessories are used.

Tanks have been designed to hold a pressure of 17.58 Kgf/cm² and are tested hydrostatically at 27 Kg/cm². Welding seams are 100% x-ray tested and are subject to thermal treatment.

Accessories installed on Bobtail:

1 1/2" Neptune meter -2" Blackmer Pump -PYPESA Electric Hose Reel -148 ft long 1 inch diameter hose -2" Rego Internal valve A3212A250 -1” Aeroequip revolving elbow -3” Rego Security valve A8436G -1 ¼” Bypass Blackmer valve -3" Rego Double check valve 3197C -¼” Rego back pressure check valve A3176 -Multipurpose valve for filling or vapor equalizing A8016DBC or A8016DP -1 ¼” Worcester Ball valve -Two INGUSA fixed liquid level gauge valve -1" Quick - acting hose -End valve for Bobtail Delivery truck A7708L -Two 1 1/2" Worcester Ball valve -Two 2 ” Worcester Ball valve -Rochester thermometer - 58°F to 122°F -Manometer -Rochester Magnetel meter -Power take off Muncie -Pneumatic controls at the rear part for clutch accelerator, take off and internal valve -Rear cabinet for valves and instruments protection that you can lock.

LPG Bobtail Truck

We continue to maintain a large inventory of new A.S.M.E. tanks. Our tanks sizes range from 1200 water gallons up to 15000 water gallons.

3,000 to 15,000 gallons Bobtail

Bobtail  tank ,3' Corken Pump with Rego Flowmatic internal valve, 2' neptune metering system with 833 print register (no temperature compensation)

LPG Bobtail & Road Tankers

BNH in manufacturing LPG Road Tankers and LPG Bobtail Road Tankers.
Normal Road Tankers T / T's are operated for depot transfer. It's a single consignment. LPG Bobtail Road Tanker is designed to operate and deliver multiple parcels. The LPG Bobtail is operated in a local area market.
The LPG Bobtail has enhanced safety features, liquid transfer and custody transfer equipments.
Gas Projects, supports the product across the country with service support available in fifteen cities.


Multiple stations can be serviced in one trip
Tank assembled on any heavy duty chassis
100% Radiography of welding on the tank
Side / Rear delivery options available
Internal Emergency Shut Off System provided
Complete training to operating staff

Metering System: - Mass Flow Meter or Positive Displacement Meter
Bobtail Trucks Delivery Systems
Bobtail Trucks are trucks used for local delivery to fill end-use tanks. They generally provide a metered delivery and have tanks of 3,000 to 15,000 gallons (11,000 to 45,000 liters).


What is LPG?

LPG this is the abbreviation for liquid petroleum gas currently used by some specialy adapted cars and some domestic central heating systems

LPG is basically propane with other molecules like butane in it. If you're making a product that contains propane, LPG won't work for you. People who use this as fuel gas don't care about the other molecules--you can cook over a propane-butane flame just as well as you can a pure-propane flame.

What is bobtail?

Truck with out trailer.Bobtail Trucks are trucks used for local delivery to fill end-use tanks. They generally provide a metered delivery and have tanks of 3,000 to 15,000 gallons (11,000 to 45,000 liters).

We Provide High-Quality Systems for Safe and Efficient transport of LPG.

We BNH Gas tanks are manufacturer and Supplier of LPG bobtail tanks, LPG Transport bobtail truck tanks of various capacities. We manufacture, special customized LPG bobtail truck, LPG bobtail truck, Liquefied gas tanker transporter or lpg semi-trailer. Semi-trailer tanks are provided with double axle, triple axle rear trailers. The tanks are also provided with unloading pumps for decanting system, meter and hose.

We provide the different types of LPG Bobtail of various sizes as per client requirement as follows:

LPG Bobtail Truck tanks:

These tanks are mounted on rigid chassis are made of various capacities like 5m3 , 10m3, 17m3 , 20m3 , 24m3 . The tanks are also provided with all safety features like safety relief valves, excess flow valves, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, isolation valves, internal valves, Rochester gauge, rotogauge, fixed level gauges. The tanks are also provided with unloading pumps of PTO driven type which take power form the truck engine for easy and safe transfer of LPG from the tanker.

LPG Bobtail Semi trailer:

These tanks are mounted on tractor chassis with rear semitrailer and are tractor type tanks. The tanks are made of various capacities like 30m3, 40m3, 45m3, 50m3, 57m3 and 60m 3. The semitrailer may be double axle or Triple axle depending on loads and road regulations. The tanks are also provided with all safety features like safety relief valves, excess flow valves, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, isolation valves, internal valves, Rochester gauge, rotogauge, fixed level gauges. The tanks are also provided with unloading pumps of PTO driven type which take power form the truck engine for easy and safe transfer of LPG from the tanker or hydraulic driven pumps as required. 

Different Types of LPG Bobtail Semitrailer:

Double Axle LPG Semitrailer
Tri axle LPG Semitrailer
LPG Transport Semitrailer
Semi-trailer LPG Tanker
Safety Big capacity LPG Tanker Semitrailer
Fuel Tanker Semitrailer
Ammonia transport tank trailer


The tankers are provided with various accessories like 
Mudguard, Bumper, Tyres, king pin 2 or 3.5”, Safety fittings, pipelines, valves, internal valves, Excess flow valves, Lighting system, Fire extinguishers, Safety sign, etc are provided as per requirement. The unit comes with all safety features as per norms. The accessories used at LPG semitrailer and are selected with care to provide a safe, long-lasting and comprehensible usage while considering air and environment protection. We can design different size tanks for users to correspond with local vehicles loaded weight standard.


LPG semitrailer Tanker Trailer is generally used for transporting liquid gas. 
LPG semitrailer is used worldwide because of it is high quality and good price. 
LPG semitrailer Suitable for LPG transportation in various conditions with good safety performance, light weight and high efficiency. LPG semitrailer is of flammable nature, the safety becomes more important for LPG. The cylindrical shape, like in other pressure vessels provides a safety to transport and store liquids reserved under pressure.

Capacity OF LPG Bobtail Transport Tankers:

1. LPG semitrailer, fitted with 2 or 3 axles, is designed for special LPG and other gas and chemical transportation, including Liquid Ammonia, Natural Gas, LPG, and Butane. Capacity ranges from 7500 Liters to 57000 Liters. 
2. LPG has a lighter thickness compare to many other liquid gases, the capacity of LPG semi-trailer capacities are comparatively higher. The lighter body weight adds value to this advantage. LPG has lower unit transportation costs compare to other liquefied gases.

Special features of our LPG Bobtail semitrailers

  1. Stress analysis is done to lower the weight of the tanker to increase payloads.
  2. The combination of the spherical head and elliptical head increase the capacity and keep the tank light weighted.
  3. Using inbuilt safety valve to enhance the safety performance.
  4. Using new materials as plastic mudguard, light weight wheels lowers the weight of the semi-trailer
  5. Special high quality steel is used to lower the thickness of tank to reduce weight and increase carrying capacity of the tank thereby increasing profitability.
  6. Emergency shut off valves with pneumatic actuators are provided for additional safety.

Technical Specification:

LPG Semi-Trailers design pressure for 17.5 to 22 Bar and the design temperature is between -20°C and +75°C. The LPG semi-trailer can be equipped with emergency discharge valves, manometer, temperature indicators; diesel, electrical, liquid and phase indicator. LPG semitrailer advantage of compression resistant tank for transporting the liquefied , which is the special gases (For example propane, propylene, liquid ammonia, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquid sulfur dioxide and so on).

2. Design Pressure:  17.5 to 22 Bar
3. Design Temperature: - 20Deg C to + 75 Deg C
4. Volume :  7.5 M3,16 M3 , 25m3 , 40m3 , 45m3 , 50m3 , 57m3 , 65m3

LPG semitrailer, Road tankers, enhanced for the highest payload, according to the obligatory transport guidelines and the density of the transported product (propane / butane ratio) the fixture are given as below for construction purpose.

Advantages of LPG bobtail tanks:

1. Best Quality and Safety

All Our semi­trailers designed for carrying LPG/ Propane in Bulk. This is manufactured and exhaustively tested according to our standards.

Acquire features for its quality and safety:

• High tensile strength steel 
• Ultrasonic test of all plates before welding 
• 100% Radiography of all weld joints 
• All weld joints are Magnetic florescent particle tested 
• All welded joints are Dye penetrant tested
• Mechanical tests for Physical analysis like tensile, yield and elongation 
• Chemical analysis of steel plates  
• Production coupon plates tested for destructive test analysis of weld joints 
• Post welding heat treatment 
• Hydro -Test pressure as per code requirement 
• Great stability due to gravity center lowered by cylindroconical design 
• External surface treatment by sand blasting to SA 2.5 and two pack poly urethane corrosion resistant paint with application with special airless spray gun for better tank life .
• Fireproof steel connections and fittings 
• Aluminum sun shade on top of tank to reduce internal pressure 
• Flameproof electric wires, fittings, and lighting.

2. Profitability: High Payloads

Comparison of LPG bobtail tanks with LPG truck tanks:

• Self loading and unloading facility available
• Metering system available to measure the quantity being delivered
• 15 to 50 meters Hose available for delivery to long and congested distances
• Small sizes available for small deliveries
• Multiple delivery possible
• Ticket printing facility available for easy billing and records



LPG Bobtail, Manufacturer And Exporter From India At Cheap Cost

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